It’s Your Time to Shine

Hi, I’m Joolz

I support a community of busy women business leaders, corporate game changers and entrepreneurs, to find time and come together, share experiences, enhance their business expertise, improve their mindset and support each other on their path to success!

It’s Your Time to Shine, so download my free guide, and get ready to re-find your passion so you ACTUALLY want to jump out of bed and go to work.

Questions. You can ask to get yourself unstuck!

Get unstuck, develop, grow and succeed.

By bringing amazing Leading Ladies together, we help you stop feeling isolated, frustrated and overwhelmed, like there’s simply not enough hours in the day!

Instead we help you to find some much needed ‘ME’ time to take control and get your life back on track. If you don’t invest this time in you now, then how can anything change? You have spent all your time looking after everyone else, kids, partner, parents, friends … now it’s your time!

Find your go to team of amazing women to share, support and succeed with!

Once you’ve signed up, You are IN!

You are part of an amazing team of women! Inside Leading Ladies you can;

  • Head on over to your Boardroom and schedule those meetings in your diary!
  • Join the Leading Ladies Lounge, where you can meet our wider network of ladies – have a look around and introduce yourself.
  • Visit the Training Room and kick off your path to success.
  • Schedule in an hour or so a week to develop YOU!
  • Pick up the latest digital copy of WINK in the portal, grab a cuppa and enjoy

It’s your time to shine!

Joining Leading Ladies means you will:

  • Have an amazing network of talented successful women who have your back
  • Have invested time in you to develop and grow
  • Be confident, motivated and in control of your life
  • Have the tools and knowledge to succeed in your business
  • Have a clear purpose and plan for the future

Make amazing connections Leading Ladies

Work with me, find your passion, design your career

Launch your own successful business

Julie is brilliant to work with . She is creative & innovative, as well as being a very approachable & motivating leader. I was entering into not only a new role but also a completely new sector/industry – Julie has been a fantastic guide, providing support constantly

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I’ve never met anybody as passionate and committed to developing people as Joolz. She has a genuine desire to help other people and thrives on seeing others grow and achieve their potential, this is so rare in the corporate world and such a refreshing approach. Joolz puts you at ease during your coaching sessions and each is tailor made to your specific objectives. For me, Joolz helped me to make important life decisions and gave me that little boost of confidence we all need sometimes. Thank you Joolz.


Have questions? Contact me here

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