It’s Your Time to Shine

Hi, I’m Joolz

I am passionate about helping women to invest in themselves, to set career and business goals and reach them. As a community of busy women business leaders, corporate game changers and entrepreneurs, we come together, share experiences, enhance our business expertise, improve our mindset and support each other on our path to success!

This months focus is all on helping you start and grow your own business, feel free to register for the free 5 day challenge, or get involved with my other free resources designed to help you, below.

Start and grow your own business

Welcome to the FREE 5 Day challenge – to kick start your own Business starting Monday November 2nd 2020 – Sign up now!

My free powerful Passion and Purpose workshop, helps talented women, like you, to feel empowered, rejuvenated, excited and fulfilled again! To give you strength and confidence, with a clear direction and purpose.
My free guide to help get you moving forwards
Get ready to re-find your passion for life, define what’s next, so you jump out of bed loving what you do everyday!

All women should be in careers that fit them and doing what they were born to do. I want to help women achieve career success and do what they love…every single day.

So what you do you want to do today?

I want to start or grow my own business

I created this challenge, to get you thinking about what it is you are amazing at, and how you can turn that into your own business. At the end of this challenge you will :

We all have great ideas at some point then think…I can’t do it…now is not the right time or … what if I fail?

Well let’s make now the right time. I am genuinely really excited to have you on board. Just think in a few years time, you don’t really want to be saying I wonder what would have happened if I had just taken a leap of faith, and believed in myself, do you?

I want to get unstuck, develop, grow and succeed, and find my go to tribe of amazing ladies.

By bringing amazing Leading Ladies together, we help you stop feeling isolated, frustrated and overwhelmed, like there’s simply not enough hours in the day!

Instead we help you to find some much needed ‘ME’ time to take control and get your life back on track. If you don’t invest this time in you now, then how can anything change? You have spent all your time looking after everyone else, kids, partner, parents, friends … now it’s your time!

I’m not sure yet…

Do you feel stuck and frustrated with corporate world or your business and a bit lost unsure what your next move should be? Do you want to wake up everyday, jump out of bed knowing you are going to love the day ahead?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all got ideas floating around in our heads that we’d love to make happen, but so often we never do anything with them ! Because we don’t think we can!

I love to help people control their cheeky inner voice and build their courage and confidence to create a life they will love. Here’s how you can work with me…

Julie is brilliant to work with . She is creative & innovative, as well as being a very approachable & motivating leader. I was entering into not only a new role but also a completely new sector/industry – Julie has been a fantastic guide, providing support constantly

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I’ve never met anybody as passionate and committed to developing people as Joolz. She has a genuine desire to help other people and thrives on seeing others grow and achieve their potential, this is so rare in the corporate world and such a refreshing approach. Joolz puts you at ease during your coaching sessions and each is tailor made to your specific objectives. For me, Joolz helped me to make important life decisions and gave me that little boost of confidence we all need sometimes. Thank you Joolz.


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