The Journey Begins

Hi everyone and welcome to our blog. Having worked both in corporate world, as a consultant and running my own business I have often witnessed incredible women being held back either through their own lack of self belief or through the fear of business to embrace what women can offer .

Glass walls and ceilings exist for a multitude of reasons and the senior roles women tend to occupy are in HR and creative communication roles which are then subsequently paid less and valued less.

Whilst we see more females rise to the top the percentages are incredibly low with just 7% of women occupying CEO positions in the FTSE top 100. This is echoed in our political system and all aspects of life.

Whilst the voice of women is getting stronger there is still a long way to go. This prompted me to write this blog in the hope we can collaborate to inspire the young women leaders of the future to be bold, to be authentic , to not try to be like men but to Rise with Grace and bring the immense talents, traits and skills women can offer to help shape the future.

Join in the conversation all are welcome.

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