How AI will affect you and 5 essential things you should think about to get ahead of the game.

The impact of digital technology like AI is something you may want to think about a bit more deeply as we move forward. The 4th industrial revolution (the onset of digital life and AI) will mean you, more than ever, will need to manage change more effectively as part of daily life. We look at the top 5 tips you should start thinking about to get ahead of the game.

As AI takes over some of the more algorithm and process driven tasks, roles within businesses will change and new entrants into the job market , rather than starting at the bottom will need businesses to adapt to ‘train’ them into higher roles.

Therefore training and retraining will become key to enable you to evolve, alongside helping you to deal constructively with change. This maybe something you do yourself or get your company to support you with.

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The digital revolution will certainly impact on you in your workplace.

5 things we will all need to consider include:

1. Resilience and embracing change – will be a must. You will have to look at who you are ad what you can and want to do. Companies need to support you with coaching and mentoring programs and change management tools.

2. New Skills – retraining and skills programs will need to be developed and flexible working structures may be needed. Gig workers or portfolio workers may be used. Digital landforms will enable this more and more. What will work for you//

3. Structural change – flexible working structures will be the norm. Companies built on traditional hierarchical structures will struggle. Informal influence will become key in informal networks of expertise and knowledge. Productive relationships will need to be facilitated by companies quickly and key individuals will need to be inspired to remain with the company. For you as an individual this may mean rethinking the ‘office’ job and understanding how you can build better rapport remotely. Understanding differences in personality amongst other key skills will help here and that starts by understanding yourself.

4. Career path disruption – basic bottom up career paths may need to be adapted as AI takes over some more process driven tasks. This means new entrants will need differing skill sets and this could well impact on the whole education system.

5. Trust in technology – technology needs to be applied in an open and ethical way. Companies need to be transparent about how they use it and foster an atmosphere of trust. What data do you share readily that AI could use in the future? Thinking about your online brand has possibly never been more important

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