Captain Marvel … one kick ass lady and could she potentially be an ESFP?

Is Captain Marvel an ESFP?

Personality Analysis

So having watched the movie and dwelling on personality types we were wondering could Captain Marvel be an ESFP personality type? We often talk about ESFPs as individuals who are so flexible that they “think on their feet” when finding solutions. They are people of action, who think with their hearts, and that can truly be said of Carol Danvers. She’s kick ass, adaptable, friendly, vivacious and passionate, and a great team player.

So why an ESFP?


Danvers is an definitely an outgoing team player. Her interaction with the Kree team and flashbacks to desert bars and Top Gun style Flygirl camaraderie on Earth really show her Extraverted personality from the beginning. She seems to thrive on being with people and meeting lots of them.

Throughout the film, we get only a gregarious vibe from her. While capable of working on her own when necessary, she seems to need people and to gather her energy from them. When she can’t sleep, she finds her trainer for a workout session rather than settling down with a chill app alone.


While Carol Danvers struggles with identity issues, she doesn’t spend a lot of time navel-gazing over them. She is looking and drawing from her past to help her move forward and lives in the moment . She is observant assessing the situation carefully She doesn’t come up with a wordy arguments or theories as to the why. She acts. “See. There. I did that,” practical and typically a sensing personality type’s mantra.

While she may well have ideological underpinnings for what she does, she’s mostly about finding concrete solutions to concrete problems.


Her Kree trainer and leader, Yon-Rogg, reinforces for us that this is the personality trait through which Danvers makes most of her decisions. He cajoles her throughout the film to rely less on her feelings. It’s a repeated theme.

She responds to situations according to what her feelings advise. These will fluctuate, as emotions do. Danvers is not unintelligent. She just prefers to lean on emotions as a filter to decide things – perhaps, at times, subordinating coldly rational decision-making to her gut instinct.


The perceiving personality trait is the secret sauce that, when combined with the sensing trait, makes her quite kick ass and unexpected to the enemy. Danvers improvises constantly. She is always looking for the advantage, thus showing her flexible nature. She frequently pushes beyond standards and conformity while looking for novel ways to respond to her unique life.

So what’s in store for Captain Marvel?

In the first half of her life Carol may ;

  • Focus on her favorite process, Sensing—being in the moment with people she cares about, experiencing all the information provided by her five senses, and being quick to take action to help others
  • Focu on her second favorite process, Feeling—being attentive to their values and the values of others

In the second part of her life she may;

  • Begin to develop her third favorite process, Thinking—being more direct and more comfortable engaging in conflict… so get out of the way of those photon blasters.
  • Begin to develop her least favorite process, Intuition, as well—trusting her hunches more often, having insights about others more often, and thinking more frequently about what the future could look like 
  • she may notice herself being less focused on practicality and less accommodating, and becoming more comfortable with that … could be a interesting recipe as her plot develops

Obviously, this assessment has been made by watching the recent Captain Marvel film and ultimately to get a true idea of her personality presences she would complete a questionnaire. However she’s fictional we get it . But it does show how our preference can be used as a way to help others better understand aspects of personality type.

But if you want to accomplish something that’s challenging, you could do worse than a kick ass photon-blasting ESFP who happens to fly.

What do you think about Captain Marvel’s personality type?

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