Do you have magic unicorn powers?

6 key benefits of personal coaching and how to help the Unicorns can keep their magic powers safely hidden …

So, sadly most of us don’t have the delights of magic Unicorn powers to help us on our way, but we do have what it takes to succeed. Sometime though we just don’t see the path we need to take to get there. Coaching is a great tool to help you identify what you already have and how you can make the most of what lies within you, to make a better life. If you’ve ever been in a coaching relationship, you know that there are many benefits to being a part of the process. The personal benefits of coaching are wide-ranging and can positively impact your career. Coaching can help develop you across a wide range of needs and can benefit you on a career and personal level. It has been known to boost confidence, improve work performance, and build effective communication skills.

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6 key benefits of receiving coaching include:

  1. Understand your strengths better
  2. Helping you see your blind spots.
  3. Choosing your goals
  4. Implementing them effectively
  5. Staying On Track.
  6. Helping you succeed

Understanding your personality and how it impacts on all aspects of your life is a key step to understanding yourself better. The MBTI type indicator is an extraordinary ‘penny dropping’ tool to utilise. Added to this, the use of NLP and Time line therapy can take you through a structured process to help you release all your negative emotions, get rid of those cheeky limiting beliefs and help create your ultimate future.

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Time Line Therapy® has been so successful in its results that it has been utilized since 1986 by thousands of people including psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family counselors, social workers, life and business coaches, and even athletic coaches.

Your “Time Line” is how you unconsciously store your memories or how you unconsciously know the difference between a memory from the past and a projection of the future. Behavioral change in an individual takes place at an unconscious level. People don’t change consciously. The Time Line Therapy® techniques allow you to work at the unconscious level and release the effects of past negative experiences and change “inappropriate” programming in minutes rather than days, months or years. Its a fast track to a better you.

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Finally by using Hypnotherapy you can install and embed positive behaviours to keep your motivation to succeed at an all time high.

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