The Change from Within…

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I often have this feeling of frustration because I am quite convinced nothing has changed and I can’t see a way forward. I look around myself and all I see is what I always see.

Same house, same furniture, same pile of bills, same commute to work, same everything.

I work really hard and NOTHING is changing.

I thought that again the other day, and this egg came to my mind. It just sits there in its nest of straw.

It doesn’t DO anything.

It doesn’t change shape, it doesn’t change colour.

It doesn’t pulsate. It doesn’t roll around. It sometimes gets a hen sat on it but it stays exactly the same

You could look at it for days and days and you’d come away thinking that it was just that and there was nothing going on. Now if it was a supermarket egg you could well be right but this is an egg on a farm.

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And yet, inside the egg I became aware of the riot of change that is taking place, a storm of re-organisation, feeding and growth, of total unfoldment as a bunch of random cells become a fish thing, which in turn becomes ever more defined and more complex, more organised in every way, more mature, more fantastic with every heartbeat, every breath that passes.

One day, the egg that lay so motionless for so very long and seemed to be nothing but an inert shape will begin to rock, and then it will crack, and the newly born bird will emerge, spread its wings for the first time and take its first small steps.

So remember whilst everything seems to be very much the same for a while on the outside, inside we are all learning, growing and developing into something amazing!

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