Life is an improvement project we should all be working on…

I read this recently on LinkedIn and thought how true it is . We all have a lot of inner chatter going on in our heads about our lives, our jobs, careers, what’s next etc etc. The list goes on. But how many of us actually sit down and invest the time in ourselves. How many of us actually start to talk through our worries and dreams with someone else?

Quite a lot of us wait until middle age to start to evaluate where we are and where is next. We’ve all heard of the mid life crisis right? Maybe it’s because we start to realise life is finite so want to make the most of it, or perhaps we start to flex into another part of our personality.

As early Adults the world is still full of opportunity … but even then talking through a plan can be really helpful. There is no ideal time to start to plan our improvement project. The time is always now!

But before we look forward we should always reflect on where we have come from. This is an incredibly powerful thing to do. Out of this comes some real true understanding on why you are where you are. What is potentially holding you back from fulfilling your true potential and how to learn from the past to help you move forward. This is a key part of my Powerpod program.

With this in mind I have created a very special offer, as I know many of you will be thinking I don’t need coaching, or what even do you get in coaching. It’s not for me. Trust me it totally is for you. The offer is a 30 minute call with some homework and then a follow up call totalling 2 hours of 121 time plus your own reflection time.


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