5 Undeniable Signs It’s Time To Leave

  • The majority of the time, are you feeling unhappy, lost, depressed, frustrated, bored, misunderstood, mistreated?
  • Perhaps you’ve been passed over for promotion, or you feel ignored and under valued?
  • The skills that you possess are not at all the same as the natural talents and abilities that you enjoy using each day?
  • Your values really do not match your companies. You are noticing more and more, the actions of your company don’t sit well with what you believe in.

During my 30-year corporate career, I stayed sometimes in a couple of roles I disliked, one actually made me so I’ll I ended up in hospital. The business culture did not fit my values, or once it was so cliquey I was never allowed to truly fit.

So what was it that made me stay in corporate world? There were some key factors that influenced my resistance to make the changes I needed to including ;

  • Worries about money, as I was the main bread winner
  • Self-doubt
  • Confusion as to what I really wanted to do
  • I felt stuck at a crossroads
  • I was just plain scared to leave the safety net of a regular salary.

Now I’m running my own coaching and consulting firm PrimePersona, and Leading Ladies (and loving it). It’s clear that in my corporate life really inhibited my entrepreneurial approach to my work and professional life. It was this that made me feel trapped, and that now I can be more creative, flexible, courageous, resourceful and innovative, towards building a living that would fits with who I really am, on the inside. Instead, I stayed stuck in a tight box of my own creation, and it made me miserable! But not now.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a bit scary, and I have a way to go before I’ve replaced my corporate salary, but the joy I get when my clients have breakthroughs is amazing. Plus my Leading Ladies are proof that together we can really support each other, and move forwards.

There are five key signs that show you need to change what you’re doing – either by changing your current role somehow or pivoting your entire career. So many corporate women stay stuck at the crossroads – ignoring these signs, because they’re just too frightened to act on them and take until a crisis hits, personal or work related, and forces them to consider a new direction.

The five signs that you should leave your job or change directions are:

1: You’re unhappy most of every day doing this work.

This is not rocket science – the clearest sign that you need is a change is how you feel about the work you’re doing every day. The majority of the time, are you feeling unhappy, depressed, thwarted, bored, misunderstood, mistreated? Perhaps they treat you like the ‘little lady’’ on the team, trust me it does still happen. Do you feel that the “real you” just can’t come out in this job, and the way you love to work isn’t respected? Do you wonder how you ever ended up here, and fantasise daily about doing something very different?

Don’t be in denial about your feelings – they’re pointing you to a very real situation that needs to be dealt with. Remember: You don’t have to be miserable or lose your sense of self in order to be gainfully employed.

2: You have toxic boss syndrome…The environment is toxic, including your boss and/or colleagues.

A job isn’t just about the functions and tasks you perform every day. A job – and your success and love for it – is shaped by a variety of other factors including:

Toxic boss syndrome

• Your boss, colleagues, and the leadership dynamic of the company can really impact on your happiness and health. I had a boss who was so poor and a control freak, he made me ill and I ended up having lots of hospital investigations. The minute I stopped working for him, I was better. It shows how impactful poor leadership can be.

• How your company treats all of its people will affect you. The culture of your company is key. You may well be treated OK but those around you are suffering. This will not make anyone feel nurtured or supported. The rise of the B-corp is evidence work cultures need to change to be more supportive and flexible. Now, more than ever, companies are having to take a big look at what they stand for.

• The goals that your company is driving toward, and whether you respect and support these outcomes. We know that when your values and beliefs are aligned to your work the you are more likely to thrive and love what you are doing.

• The growth you can achieve in this role (is it boring, stagnant, and deadening to you?)

• The collaborative spirit and positive, growth-inducing behaviours (or total lack of them)

• And finally, your fit, from a personality point of view, to the way your company and boss demands of you

Looking holistically at your job – and understanding all the dimensions of it – will help you see more clearly if you are right for this role, or if you’re more suited in another job or type of work experience altogether.

3: The skills that you’ve been hired to use for this job aren’t a fit for what you’re good at or enjoy.

So often, people don’t understand that the skills that you possess are not at all the same as the natural talents and abilities that you enjoy using each day . In other words, you may be “great” at updating spreadsheets (or overseeing projects, or doing event planning) but in reality, you may actually hate doing it. What we’re good at is not the same as what we love doing. If your job forces you to use skills that aren’t enjoyable or easy for you, you’ll be miserable and drained every day in your job. And you’ll feel like an impostor much of the time.

Also so often companies ask for entrepreneurial spirit, out of the box thinkers and independently motivated individuals. Then put them in a box and expect them to follow the done way of doing things. So employers need to make sure their job ads fit the way the company operates too.

4: You believe deep down that you’re meant for better, bigger, and more brilliant things.

Many people, particularly women, feel ashamed and embarrassed to admit that, deep down, they feel they are made for better things than their current role. They’re afraid this sounds boastful or arrogant to think these types of thoughts. But these thoughts and feelings are not something to ignore – they’re pointing to the fact that there is another direction waiting for you, one that will bring more joy, success, reward, recognition and satisfaction to your life.

If you feel you’re made for more exciting things, then you are. Don’t be ashamed of it or hide from it.

5: The outcomes that you’re working toward feel meaningless or negative to you.

Finally, how do you feel about the outcomes that your job supports? Do you love what you’re working on and do you feel it contributes value in the world? Do you believe in the positive good of what you’re doing, and that what you’re spending your energy on is actually worth it? Or do you think that what your company is doing is actually wrong, unethical, unnecessary or even hurtful in the world? Or just greedy.

You can’t thrive or even succeed a tiny bit if you don’t believe in what your company is putting out in the world, or how they’re doing it. You simply cannot succeed if you subconsciously oppose what your employer stands for in the world.

If any of these signs strike a chord for you, it’s time to make a change. The key question isn’t “Will you?” but “When will you finally be true to yourself?” Get in touch because I can help. I have an amazing coaching program with lots of tools and techniques designed to help you move forwards. Maybe though you want to share your challenges with a group of amazing women? In which case Leading Ladies could be just for you.

I’ve been there. This was me, and now I’m doing something I love, working with amazing women like you, and helping them realise a better future.

So feel free to get in touch here. Don’t let another year go by in a role that makes you unhappy. Your future is waiting for you. Not sure? Try my free guide, it asks you some soul searching questions that can really help you get unstuck. https://promotions.primepersona.co.uk/get-my-guide

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