The power of your story


Quite often, I ask my clients to write their life story on a page of A4. No more guidance than that.

You cannot possibly fit your whole life on a page, so what happens is your unconscious mind brings forward the stuff you need to deal with. It’s clever that old brain of ours sometimes! Then the magic really happens because when my clients read their own story , it’s like someone has switched a light on. Suddenly they get what’s holding them back, or why they are where they are right now.

Those lightbulb moments when all becomes clear

It’s amazing what happens and how even just this simple task helps with understanding our life influences. By looking back we get to understand where those pesky limiting beliefs and confidence killers come from. Where our strengths and skills were built and it really helps us to lay the foundation to move forwards.

So why not give it a go, get a piece of A4 and get scribbling. It’s important to write it not type it too. Now go and grab a cuppa and then come back to it.

Grab a cuppa and some paper and write your life history on 1 piece of A4

What top 5 things can you take from it when you re-read what you have written? Not getting anything? Maybe chat it through then with your partner or friend and get their perspective on it.

Then for a bit of fun, I thought you could all write your life story by filling in the missing gaps below with the outcome you want. I promise no analysis of the results 🙂 it can be a work story a life story you choose…it is after all your story.

So copy and paste in the comments and let’s see what happens …

Once upon a time, there was _____.

Every day, _____.

One day, _____.

Because of that, _____.

Because of that, _____.

Until finally_____.

Story time

Here’s mine Once upon a time there was a Yorkshire lass called Julie (aka Joolz) A mum of 3, wife of 1 and daughter of 2. She had an amazing family. Every day Joolz would get up and do the 90 min commute to work. Sit in meetings most of the day. Then commute home for 90 minutes & collapse . One day she began to realise there was more to life, she was stuck, feeling unfulfilled with no purpose. Plus she had these amazing friends and family she never saw. Because of that she started retraining as a coach as she loved this part of her role. Supporting & helping people. Because of that she finally stepped away from corporate world Until finally she set up PrimePersona and leading ladies and found her true purpose.

Your turn…

Now copy and paste your story and share with us here or on LinkedIn or on our Facebook page

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