It’s all about having a purpose!

For those of you who follow me on LinkedIn you may have seen recently I have started talking a lot more about my Better Business consultancy, Bthe. So does this mean I have moved away from coaching amazing women into working with businesses instead?

The answer is No! Most definitely not.

I love working and supporting my amazing Leading Ladies and one to one clients and helping them move forwards to find their true purpose – and then succeed at it. It was working with these ladies, however, that I started to see a trend, that mirrored my own experience of corporate world, where inequalities, bias and bullying were and are still very much in existence – in-fact more prevalent than you can imagine. This made me look up form where I was working and think about why businesses were still allowing these types of cultures to exist. Driven soley by profit, delivering the numbers, politics a plenty and lots of ‘jobs for the boys’.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a man hater, I have worked with some amazing and inspirational men a leaders, peers and within my teams. Plus I have 2 amazing sons, my hubby is an inspiration and my Dad is there for me 100%. However sadly I have also worked with some tyrants, bullies, and bigots, and I am far from alone. I also know women bully, and I know men who have been bullied and badly treated. But it made me think, are there businesses out there who are succeeding in changing the way we do business, so we can care more about our people, our planet and of course still make money?

This is when I found out about B-Corps and started to explore what becoming a consultant in this could mean. After all I was helping amazing women find their purpose – why not help businesses become purpose led?

Well it has been an inspiring journey so far, which has filled me with hope and a drive to support businesses to change, to be the business the world needs.

I am not doing this alone.

I have linked up with a kindred spirit of old, Simon Hawkes, who shares my values and principles and who wants to challenge the capitalist model of the world into one that is fairer for everyone, looks after our beautiful planet whilst still bringing in the money!

Together we have created Bthe.

As a Co-operative business, we are building a network of talented change agents, environmentalists, sustainability experts, HR professionals, Creative minds, CSR and community experts and so much more – all whom share our passion to help business become more purpose led. We are building a resource hub to help businesses make the changes they need to more smoothly. We have extended our scope into being about better businesses too, promoting different ways of doing business, championing the Cooperative model (we will after all be one).

So yes I have added to my portfolio, but I see this as a growth to my coaching business. It is trying to tackle the challenges my clients face and change the world they work in. It is all about people and doing right by our teams, our communities, our customers and how we manage them. Ultimately it is about protecting the home we live in (our planet) and the people that live in it. It is about giving business and the amazing people that work in them a true purpose beyond profit

Big thinking, I know, but we need to create the change and we need to do it quickly, so we need to think Big!

So if you are interested in getting involved please get in touch, and Join us

If you want to have an informal chat about how we can help you become the business the world needs please feel free to email us

Bthe business the world needs

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