7 reasons writing your life history can help you succeed!

Each day, we change. We’re a little bit older, a little bit wiser (some of us), and just a little bit more…different. Inside and out. Writing your life history can help you understand that journey.

Writing your life history is Self reflection and it is key

We tell ourselves that we’ve changed as a person, but we don’t actually realise just how much that’s true on a micro level. Our hearts and minds, have been moulded and shaped by our experiences. Our past passions may have been different – our past desires may have been different. What we knew, the knowledge in our heads, was different. we will have developed further in our personality type and as we approach midlife we start to explore a new side to ourselves

So it’s important to self-reflect on your past from time to time. Writing your life story is my starting point for all my clients. It helps me to understand what has shaped them, but also, more often than now, gives my clients some real aha moments!

Why writing your life story is so important…

When you actually take a moment to explore your past, and what made you that person, it’s pretty enlightening.

Reflecting on your past and doing some serious introspection does the soul good. It helps you be present, and comprehend the changes within yourself that have occurred. And it gives you a clear, focused idea of who you are today, and who you want to be tomorrow. It even helps you take responsibility and ownership of yourself and your actions.

Your life story may not be a bed of roses but it’s made you who you are.

Reflecting on the past can be a hard thing to do, it can bring up the good the bad and the just plain ugly memories. But they are all key because they are what made you who you are today and by learning form them all can help transport you to a much better future!

Writing your life Story brings about a world of introspection for self-improvement and clarity. Here are just some of the reasons why periodically reflecting on yourself and your life is beneficial:

1. Self reflection through writing your life story gives you and appreciation of your current self

When you know where you’ve been, and where you are now, you’ll appreciate how far you’ve come, and you’ll be thankful for the person you are today.

2. Self reflection makes you thankful for the change

We fear change, but change can be good. We often focus on the negative changes, but when you are mindful of the small changes that make a positive difference, you are more grateful that those situations haven’t stayed the same, and you welcome the changes.

3. Writing your life story helps you rediscover yourself

You can find that life happens and moulds and forms you into who it thinks you should be. By writing your life history, sometimes we remember how we used to be and start to move towards the more positive aspects of our latter self. For example, maybe you were a carefree creative in your earlier life, but your parentsm school, uni and the world moved you towards a career in law or finance. Maybe you have worked for a big corporate all your life and feel the need to switch into the care profession!

Rediscover yourself

4. Writing your life story can also help you with self forgiveness

When you self-reflect on your past, do you remember stupid things you did in your youth? Yeah, we’ve all been there. These memories make us cringe and we wish we could forget them. But reflecting on poor choices made in the past will show your self-growth. Your mindset has changed and the fact that you now think those choices were in fact, poor choices, proves that you no longer think it’s acceptable to think or act that way. It also lets you cut yourself some slack and be a little more forgiving of yourself.

5. Your self esteem can improve when you reflect on your life story

You feel better about yourself when you can appreciate your whole journey. When you remember not just the big turning points of your life, but little snippets of the small moments from your past, you feel better about who you are today, and how far you’ve come. This will help you steer your focus away from the little things you dislike about yourself…the ones that really don’t matter, but that make you feel worthless. Hopefully, you’ll see that you’re not that bad of a human after all, and you are doing the best you can. When you judge yourself less for past mistakes, you feel better about yourself as a whole.

Improve our self esteem

6. It help provides clarity on how you became the person you are today

Being able to connect the dots between our past experiences and the qualities we hold today gives us a clear vision of why we are the way we are. We can use this to re-enforce the qualities we want to keep, and help dispose of the qualities we don’t want anymore. This is a biggie and for some of my clients there have been some real light bulb moments, and has then helped them to move forwards. It has helped them release emotions and feelings they didn’t realise they were still holding on to and to let them go!

7. Your life story starts to point the way on who the future you can be!

Reflecting on previous versions of yourself inevitably makes you reflect on who you are today. In turn, this will help you develop insight into the best version of you for the future. Maybe you want to reconnect with qualities you used to have, or maybe you realised you still hold on to the same negativity from years before and want to change that. Either way, introspecting helps you learn about yourself and envision the person you want to be tomorrow.

So what is your story?

So how do you write your life history?

Well you don’t need to write a biography!! but you do need to grab a piece of A4 a pen and a cuppa and then its really simple.

On that piece of A4 write your life history. no rules of what to write, where to start etc. Its your life history. trust your unconscious mind to let you know the important bits for you to move on. Try not to overthink it either.

It’s key that you hand write it if possible – there is a brain to hand connection going on that will help!


Read what you have written. Note down 5 things you’ve learned throughout your life Then, under each insight you’ve written down, ask yourself when/how/why you learned that lesson and describe it in a paragraph or more and what that means to you now.

What actions do you need to take to be able to move forwards. What positives will you use and what negatives do you need to overcome? If you are stuck or feel you need some guidance why not get in touch? or try the amazing PowerPod which takes you through a 12 week self guided program to help you assess your past, lay the foundations and then advance forwards, to find your passion, so you wake up every day and actually want to work, rest and play your way!

If you are stuck here’s mine: https://primepersona.co.uk/2020/01/06/my-history-on-a-page/

My History on a page

Or you can download my free guide to help you find your dream life here https://promotions.primepersona.co.uk/get-my-guide

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