Dare to dream … Know where you want to be in life … Then go get it!

Do you remember as a child, what you dreamt of being when you grew up? Was it an astronaut, a rocket scientist, an Olympian or a dancer? When we are young everything seems possible, there are no boundaries and reasons why not to give something a go. For me I wanted to be on stage as a dancer, a tap dancer. I thought I could be the next Ginger Rodgers.

It was an amazing feeling and I really believed with all of my heart that I would get there. But sadly as I got older I lost sight of my dreams, the world happened to me and told me I should take a different path.

I love asking kids what they want to be when they grow up… the excitement of their responses & the look in their eyes when they explain what they will be is amazing. When they respond, they are so confident in their answers! They have absolutely no doubt in their mind they can achieve it.

As we get older our family and friends start to influence our actions. The education system and work shape our paths and start to question our choices … we need to pay the bills, life kind of gets in the way for so many of us and so we compromise on those dreams

My kids wanted to be film directors, rocket scientists, vets, musicians, basketball stars, Princess dancers, dress designers and writers. I should just mention I have 3 children with many dreams lol. As they have grown up their dreams have shifted to the point when the dreams they had became a bit lost.

Once we explored theirs strengths and skills and what they enjoyed and I was able to help them understand their personality a bit more through the MBTI process, each was able to understand what direction they wanted to head in. They have all started to dream again thankfully, as the formulaic education system loses its grip on their belief in the art of the possible, and the path they ‘should’ take.

So when did we lose the ability to dream big? It seems the older we get, the more the magic of dreaming is taken away from us. We are told to start being realistic about our dreams. Start planning for the future by looking into universities & take the path that is safe, known, & proven.

Can you relate to this? Where does the doubt come from & why do we put limits on ourselves and our families? Why does everything need to be safe or proven? We are we pushing all our dreams to one side .

The most successful people in the world have taken the road less traveled. They have delved into the unknown. They have followed their dreams & stayed true to their passions, which in turn, has helped so many others & created the life they have always dreamed of having!

Imagine what we all could accomplish if we just kept the belief that we could achieve anything we wanted to, & followed our dreams?

So what makes people stop following their dreams or stop dreaming all together! Well below we list 5 key things that often stop us pursuing our dreams

  1. FEAR! As we get older and realise that following our dreams could well be a long hard slog, we become scared. Scared to the point of which it stops us & we start doubting ourselves. Does it sound familiar? We have to overcome this so we can achieve our goals & dreams!
  2. THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE. When life becomes challenging & fear mixes in with our dreams, we tend to gravitate to an easier path. Everyone of us has done this!
  3. THE TIME IS NOT QUITE RIGHT. who amongst us hasn’t been heard to say … Now is not the right time, i just need to wait! What if though there is NEVER a perfect time? Life happens, & always will. You need to make the decision & draw a line in the sand to move forward or else you never will.
  4. IT IS TOO HARD, I DON’T HAVE TIME! Anything worth having will be hard work, but in the end it could be the most rewarding thing ever! So knuckle down … a good plan will help here too!
  5. YOU LISTEN TO THE DOUBTS OF OTHERS. Have you ever had a great idea to be dismissed by those around you as daft, or unrealistic? I certainly have! I got really excited about it only to be told it will never work, or how could you leave such a great job etc etc. It automatically puts you on the defensive & has you second guessing what you are doing! It is your dream so you pursue it, surround yourself with believers….and remember you don’t need everyone else’s approval!

Is this all striking a chord? We all have something we are passionate about doing in our lives. Things that we thrive on while we are doing them, things that make us completely happy.

I have developed a free guide for you to help you decide what’s next. So grab a cuppa, take some time by yourself, to really reflect on your life, & do this exercise because it can change your life! When you take the time to identify your dreams & start focusing on them daily, they start to cultivate which is when the magic happens!

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