Life begins after 50 …

When I reflect on my life so far, I can appreciate how far I have come. Through the trials and tribulations life throws at you to the opportunities and successes that also came my way. I have an amazing family, 3 lovely kids, great friends new and old, a fab home and so much more to be thankful for.

That has come through hard work, long hours, frustrations and joys. Buying houses well (luck on the whole), running a couple of successful business in the past and taking risks in life that have paid off.

I have also had a successful corporate career, I achieved the heady heights of directorship, and there were elements of this I loved. Supporting and developing my teams, bringing newness and innovation to the fore. Using my strong commercial focus to turn businesses around. Facilitating change in so many ways and championing projects that supported our teams, our planet and our customers. Putting processes in place to help ideas move forward and so so much more

On the downside I realised at this level it was more about the boys club element and politics rather than doing what was right for the company and it’s people half the time. I’m no politician – I was brought up Yorkshire, we don’t mince our words.

I became very frustrated with the traditional ‘capitalist’ model of the world where there was a relentless focus on profit, ignoring all the elements that facilitated that profit. For instance – Our teams, our customers, our planet, great marketing (always the first ‘cost’ saving)

Surely there must be something more?

By leading large teams I could see the disconnect between team development and welfare and the quest for profit. The lack of investment in people in the business was apparent, and it is no wonder so many ‘incompetent’ leaders are in management positions today. They have not had support or training to lead. They are possibly not incompetent, just inexperienced. So how do we support them?

So I started to retrain. I became an MBTI personality practitioner, and NLP master coach, hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapist. Then I took the step back out of corporate world and created PrimePersona.

Covid then added a whole new set of challenges. For me, I’d decided to be one self employed again … the pandemic hit – erm interesting timing. Not going to lie it’s been challenging. But for leadership it’s been exhausting. Managing teams remotely, furloughing, redundancies, cut backs, with little support or advice on how to cope.

This was how I knew I could help. By supporting the top talent, business stars and leaders to navigate their careers and businesses in the challenges they face both professionally and personally. Helping them with the burnout I am now seeing more and more of, which quite often results in the decision to quit. To help them fall back in love with their careers again and rediscover their mojo.

We have heard about the ‘great resignation’, and this is going to prove a challenge for so many businesses. But sometimes jumping ship is not the answer, By investing in their top talent, through personalised coaching, businesses can help these individuals to discover how to move forwards within the business, to explore what the options are and to have honest conversations about the support they need to move forward.

I have already worked with hundreds of amazing talented clients, through my one to one program, Business Stars and Passion and Purpose project, to get unstuck, renew and refresh and rediscover their passion for what they do. And I love it!

So for me life most definitely does begin after 50.

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