Why Personal Power Is Key To Your Success and 7 steps to ignite yours.

To have maximum power over all situations you encounter in life, you need to take responsibility for everything that happens in your universe. You need to understand which side of the CAUSE & EFFECT equation do you sit on? Are you the cause of your life, or are you the effect of what happens to your life because of something or someone else? Ask yourself who’s driving your bus. You or are you merely a passenger?

Successful people own it. They are the CAUSE and take RESPONSIBILITY for their life. They realise life happens because they are in control …they are driving their bus not someone else . So how do you make sure you’re on the right side?

It’s the standards you set for happiness, love, values, personal development and responsibility that set your course in life. Have the courage to think as big as you can, expect nothing less than the best, and most importantly, be kind. Here are seven ways to improve your quality of life.

7 Elements of Personal Power That will improve your quality of Life

  1. Build the best relationships

Relationships are central to a happy and fulfilling life. When you are frustrated in your relationships it can have a knock-on effect on the rest of your life.

Make sure those you love are in sync with the creation and direction of your goals and dreams. These relationships set standards for the type of life and love you wish to experience and commit to reaching these new levels of happiness in these relationships. Your values and beliefs need to be aligned. Expect to be loved and respected and to give it in return.

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2. Never neglect yourself
Personal power and complacency cannot co-exist in the making of great quality of life. Dedicate time and energy wherever necessary to ensure that no important areas of your life are neglected. Plan and complete life’s tasks, big and small. Focus on the important stuff. Work on overcoming obstacles by focusing on what can be gained, learned and improved upon to make life and love flow more effortlessly

Set clear goals, write them down, make a list of things that need to be done with what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve them. Focus your effort on what is most important for your bigger picture, not on what is urgent. Urgency creates chaos, and is exhausting if it’s always urgent, so focus on what you can control.

In personal power, you are your most important product. If you neglect yourself personally, you will limit the quality of life you dream of.

3. Be positive – focus on the art of the possible, not problems
With personal power you possess the deep belief there are available solutions for all your problems. Challenges become opportunities and you don’t let yourself get into the spiral of ‘why is this happening to me. You own it and deal with it because you are the cause of your success

If you struggle to find a solution, ask your family and friends. Your network. #lovemysquad . Positive minds reward and inspire each other. When solutions are the focus of your life you learn to fail and adapt and move away from the fix and fail approach.

Personal power and the amazing life you dream of is always in the possibility, not the problem. You make it happen it doesn’t happen to you.

4. Keep journaling

To grow in personal power consistently monitor, evaluate and adjust your own life, your relationships, your self-care, your attitude and personal beliefs so you can continue meeting your goals.

Learn every day from what went well. What positives happened and how you can continue to grow. One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated in reaching your goals is to write things down. Write a journal of the top 3 things that went well to help reflect and embed positivity into your life. Then set some goals for the next day

5. Time is precious so manage it wisely

Look at where you spend most of your time. Do you get the most important tasks out of the way first or do you typically get through the small, tedious things which seem more urgent? Getting caught in small, urgent tasks pull you from the more important goals requiring your attention. Focus on what is most important and work from there.

When it comes to relationships, be on time or early to all events, personal and professional, as this gives your commitments the feeling of importance. When you can make another person feel significant, this is power. How you are with time says everything about your commitment and character as a person.

When you respect your time and that of others, you and everyone around you, will rise to much higher standards.

6. Take responsibility … own it

Whatever happens in your life and relationships the best path to the development of your personal power is to accept responsibility for the outcomes, both positive and negative, which are the result of your efforts.

If you make a mistake, see it as a self-created learning experience. Figure out what needs to shift for you to be more loving and effective. Always be flexible in changing your approach.

Personal power is not about ego. It is about humility and a willingness to learn. Inspire in others the willingness to accept personal responsibility for the outcomes of their lives as well. To inspire this in those you love you must first demonstrate these behaviors publically, powerfully, and consistently yourself.

7. Be kind to others, remember life’s a bank it’s what you put in that counts …

There is no greater value to offer as a human being than the simple power of kindness. Kindness does not mean you are a “yes” person or pushover.

Be kind. Be good to yourself and the people you love and work with. Create the emotional environment around you to be infectious, contagious, and advantageous to all who are part of it.

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