It is Your Time to Shine!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results

This is what most successful women do throughout their careers:

Just keep going, head down, telling yourself “as soon as XYZ happens” it will all be better…

  • When the kids get that bit older…
  • When my team is ready and has more experience…
  • When the company re-org is complete…
  • When my boss moves on
  • As soon as I get the next promotion…
  • As soon as this major initiative is finished…
  • When things settle down a bit…
  • When my diary calms down and I have fewer meetings…

But here’s the rub – all these things are excuses to stop you from moving forward – you actually create your big brick wall! I know you believe this time things will be different, even though they never are.

And every time I ask an ambitious woman, “what makes you think this time you’ll finally stop working so hard and think about how to work smart and move forward?”

I hear a string of excuses that cover up the truth;

  • “I just need to delegate more…”
  • “I just need to turn my phone off when I get home…”
  • “I just need to set my alarm earlier and get to the gym…”
  • “I know I need better boundaries at work, I’m working on getting those into place…”
  • “I just need to block out my diary to focus on me…”

Guess what though – This is you cheating yourself of the magical life you could be living, the fantastic career you could have. You know in your heart of hearts you’ve been trying to do these things for a long, long time. And if these things haven’t sustainably worked for you yet, what makes you think “next time” is going to be any different?

Here’s a little secret, driven, successful women, have a huge threshold for pain … And therefore, your “go-to” habit is to ignore the pain and keep going. So how is that working out for you?

Like a high-performance athlete who never takes a break, you will break down, burn out and lose out on a magical life. I see it happen over and over again. It’s frustrating, tragic and completely preventable.

What if you could take that next step at work? Whether it’s forward, upward, or outward – wouldn’t that be AMAZING?

For highly successful professional women willing to do what it takes to recalibrate how they operate in their career…it can be amazing.

If you’re ready to break down your brick wall, enjoy your career, and live the life you dreamed of, that ignites your passion and gives you the purpose you crave, why not get in touch?

Not tomorrow, not put it on your to-do list, not after the next business meeting.

Get in touch today. You never know what exciting change might be just around the corner for you.

It’s your time to shine!

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