My Story

A proud mum of three and wife of one. I have an absolute love of working with amazing women, helping them find their purpose again in life, because simply put, when you do it’s amazing! I support women in making the change they need to succeed. Helping them to find their passion so they can wake up everyday and love what they do!

Having had a successful career in marketing leadership and consultancy over the last 30 years, I have led teams both large and small . During this time I shifted from doing, to supporting guiding and coaching my teams. This is when I found my Why – I really love helping and seeing the women I work with grow and succeed.

An accredited MBTI personality practitioner. I added to my toolkit of support, by becoming a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy coach and NVQ3 qualified dance fitness instructor. Developing a more holistic approach to my coaching business!

It’s amazing watching my Leading Ladies and clients move forwards, navigate the cross roads of life they often find themselves at. Helping them in their careers, build their companies and make all the right connections! I love it and I’d love to help you too …

Joolz is fantastic! She is incredibly personable and puts you at ease in every conversation. She has a real skill of asking the right questions and encouraging you to apply your reflections to life in and out of work. When we first met, I was doubting myself and unsure of what my next step should be, let alone how to make it. I have since secured a new role and know what I am aiming for long term. I genuinely would not be in this position without the support Joolz offered me!

Helen O’Connor
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