About Me ...

Well hello there, so I guess you are here to find out a bit more about me? 

In brief, I was born and bred in Yorkshire, I am a proud mum of three, wife of one, daughter of two and sister of two. I have over 30 years of senior commercial and marketing leadership experience. Working with amazing teams in businesses big and small, inspired me to start my coaching business, so I could play my part in championing women, inspiring young talent and supporting business stars to shine.

I am a qualified MBTI personality practitioner, as well as a Master NLP, Hypnotherapy and TimeLine Therapy Coach.

I am naturally entrepreneurial in spirit and a bit of a corporate rebel with a passion for doing the right thing. The Yorkshire breeding makes me straight talker with a bit of a no nonsense approach.

I am also vastly experienced in building brands, encouraging business to understand the power and responsibility they play in shaping our world. From looking after our communities and customers to protecting our planet and environment. Giving all stakeholders a voice and empowering teams to make a difference. This is important to me. This is why I left the comfort of my corporate role … to help you and yours shine!

I’d love to get to know you a bit more and understand what has brought you to my site – so why not drop me a message and we can chat?

As I've been self-employed over the past few years, I had really missed out on putting some time into my personal development or having any access to coaching. Joolz has helped bridge that gap on personal development and coaching at a point where I felt I was on the biggest, spaghetti junction crossroad with my career and personal life. I've thoroughly enjoyed our virtual chats

Joolz is down to earth and has a no-nonsense, positive attitude which really works for me. I have been so inspired with her own career journey and the pioneering leading ladies network she has set up will be very beneficial to many women for personal and professional growth. Joolz has so many experiences to share that you know that you are not alone in whatever challenge you are facing; she reminded me of all my successes and gave me that little nudge to shine again - I've now decided which part of the cross road to take and that's thanks to Joolz!

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