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Welcome to Leading Ladies. Before we start, there are two ways you can get involved. Either as an individual, where you can join our amazing team of talented women in business from a variety of backgrounds and industries. Or you maybe a leader looking to create a more gender equal enterprise, in which case our Leading in Ladies in Business is for you. Simply click on the right button for you below.

Take your success to a new level? Join an amazing community of ambitious female entrepreneurs, leaders, aspirers and corporate game-changers, who challenge and inspire each other and share their perspectives to help each other make better decisions, become better leaders and achieve better results.

Get unstuck, develop, grow and succeed.

By bringing amazing Leading Ladies together, we help you stop feeling isolated, frustrated and overwhelmed, like there’s simply not enough hours in the day!

Instead we help you to find some much needed ‘ME’ time to take control and get your life back on track. If you don’t invest this time in you now, then how can anything change? You have spent all your time looking after everyone else, kids, partner, parents, friends, colleagues … now it’s your time!

Once you’ve signed up, You are IN!

You are part of an amazing team of women! Inside Leading Ladies you can;

  • Head on over to your Boardroom and schedule those meetings in your diary!
  • Join the Leading Ladies Lounge, where you can meet our wider network of ladies – have a look around and introduce yourself.
  • Visit the Training Room and kick off your path to success.
  • Schedule in an hour or so a week to develop YOU!
  • Pick up the latest digital copy of WINK in the portal, grab a cuppa and enjoy

It’s your time to shine!

Joining Leading Ladies means you will:

  • Have an amazing network of talented successful women who have your back
  • Have invested time in you to develop and grow
  • Be confident, motivated and in control of your life
  • Have the tools and knowledge to succeed in your business
  • Have a clear purpose and plan for the future

A Sneak Preview of Inside Leading Ladies

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s inside Leading Ladies

Meet Leading Lady Ailsa

Married with one son (20, reading Linguistics at Cambridge), and a menagerie of cats, chickens, tortoise, guinea pig, Ailsa is a talented lifetime consumer marketer. She entered the gaming industry in 2001 and has stayed there since. Ailsa now works in a global B2B marketing role for International Game Technology, responsible for marketing digital platforms and content 

When Ailsa joined our Leading Ladies she was working for a US company with little support in the UK, and with a boss she found impossible to speak to. She felt lonely and out of touch with UK work culture, feeling like her confidence was waning a bit! She was looking to surround herself with successful, positive women!  Ailsa really wanted to be able to start believing in herself again. When I asked her what she was thinking and feeling when she joined us :

I felt like I was losing touch with my abilities and confidence. This made me feel insecure, anxious and really demotivated’

Ailsa spotted me posting on LinkedIn, and very quickly became a founding member. In Leading Ladies we have a Success path which guides us on the journey to being an amazing leader or business owner. I asked Ailsa what she loved most about this?

Well I love that it is bite sized and structured. We do most of this in the boardroom which is really  enjoyable! It’s nice to hear other peoples’ perspectives and hearing how they respond to challenges. Whilst it is early days I’m already feeling a bit more like my old self 

The Wins So Far!

I now have the confidence to get out there and apply for new roles. I have taken on a new team.

I have a spring in my step again and I am much more inclined to voice my opinions

My team of Leading Ladies have made me realise I am good at what I do!! Plus now I feel more actively engaged with my life rather than just going along with it 

Leading Ladies is mainly virtual which makes it always accessible – face to face meet ups will be added in the future.

I don’t think I’d have had the courage to join if it had been face to face from the start. But i look forward to them now. I like the access to training; it feels like I have support,I need and I love the discussions in the Boardroom.

As women, we make bigger strides and move forwards more quickly when we collaborate and work together – something we females excel at! We need talented Leading Ladies and senior women to come together, share experiences, enhance our business expertise, enhance our mindset and support each other. To collaborate and become the role models for ladies everywhere!

Meet Leading Lady Asiya

Married to Jay, Asiya has two boys aged 19 and 15. She has a successful career in marketing, communications and business development with 20 years industry experience from public and private sector. Asiya set up an on demand transport consultancy having voluntarily left a senior corporate role.

When we met she felt  a bit overwhelmed, and suffered a bit with the loneliness of self-employment. Her confidence had taken a few knocks and she was trying to understand her true purpose and passion. I asked her how this made her feel?

‘I found I was doubting myself constantly and started to feel a bit panicky and fearful of the future, which is so unlike me’.

We met as Asiya was part of my network and a former colleague. I reached out to see how she was getting on! She has now become a firm friend!  In Leading Ladies we have a Success path which guides us on the journey to being an amazing leader or business owner. I asked Asiya what she loved most about this?

Through the tools Julie shares, I’m really starting to understand myself, my strengths and interests

and passions.  I’m also learning to be less hard on myself and celebrate my successes’.

Most of the training and support takes place in the Boardroom, I love this – It’s great to share with other women and hear their stories and challenges and successes. This really helps me understand my differences and similarities with other women in leadership positions, running their own businesses and those working for an employer. It really encourages you to engage actively rather than passively and it is a safe environment to show my vulnerabilities and get support  Julie really cares and takes an active interest in every single one of us and sees our success as her own

The Wins So Far

‘I am growing in confidence to be my authentic self and grow my personal brand on social media. Leading Ladies has really helped me to better understand what I want from my professional career and in life’. I have really grown my network, launched my own website and secured my dream role as an Account Director for a consultancy.Plus I am really starting to build deeper connections with her Leading Ladies team.

Asiya is now pursuing more of her passions and interests now too, such as mentoring young people, becoming more active in equality groups and even considering politics! Watch this space …

I’m on my journey now, feel so much more in control of my life and am loving the personal growth

We provide professional women – entrepreneurs, aspiring talented women and senior professionals – with the means to come together to create meaningful connections, find solutions to business challenges, be inspired, and build a work life aligned with their purpose. The vision is to be a continually evolving resource to help women like you, solve problems, face fears and progress.

Monthly Meet Up

Collaborate and support

Each month we meet up online, share ideas and problems in a confidential supportive group of ladies. You get to work through challenges, hot topics and opportunities with your team of 12 amazing ladies. You start to understand each other’s roles more and the challenge each faces. You gain fresh perspective and non-judgmental support.

We keep you up to date with Industry and consumer trends, cover career development topics, leadership and team-building development too! Plus how to succeed in our ever changing multi-generational workplace. Plus we like to have a bit of fun!

Meetings take place online monthly with a quarterly face to face event and an annual conference to get us all together!

Continue your learning journey…

Keeping you up to date and informed

You’ll gain access to engaging, high calibre speakers who have real-world expertise on the most essential topics for Leading Ladies today. They’ll spark innovative approaches to optimising your business and activate new ideas for personal development. We demystify the roles of board directors, and support you on your potential NED journey. Identifying how to get ready for the future! Delivered through monthly meet ups, workshops and Online there is plenty of flex to support you

As women in business, we so rarely get the ‘practical’ experience and training that can help us keep abreast of developments we need, to enable us to better support and work with our teams. Plus as a group you get to choose what you need to know and we make it happen!

Coaching One to One

A friendly confidential ear – looking after YOU!

Unique – female focused one to one coaching is available should you need it. As a mother of 3, an ex-Marketing Director and a Master Coach and MBTI practitioner I am all too aware of the unique challenges Leading Ladies face balancing work and home life.

The sad fact is, that as professional women, we are struggling to navigate our career without making huge sacrifices in our personal lives and we can be left feeling unfulfilled at work and unfulfilled at home. My 121 coaching support can really help you strike the balance, find your true passion and love the life you live!

The fastest way to do the things you don’t think can be done, is to hang around people already doing them!

Scott Dinsmore

Women in business who are excited about our concept!

Our community is made up of women in business, aspiring leaders, innovators, corporate game changers and entrepreneurs from all career backgrounds and industries. Ladies with portfolio careers, Non Exec Director’s (NEDs), senior leaders ready to take the next step! By have a great mix we get to benefit from each other more readily.

I’m a change agent – an ex corporate girl, with over 30 years of senior sales and marketing leadership experience. I’ve run my own business for over 10 years and I now help ambitious women to make that change and succeed.

I am a qualified MBTI personality practitioner, as well as a Master NLP, Hypnotherapy and TimeLine Therapy Coach. My passion lies with helping other women achieve their own personal success.

As women, we’ve made some great progress over the last 100 years. We know that having more women in the boardroom drives success. Research shows that companies with gender-balanced teams have higher ROI than those that don’t.

It all starts at the top, that’s why I have developed Leading Ladies from PrimePersona. It gives talented women the opportunity to come together, share experiences and support each other. To not walk into a room full of senior men and feel like a target.

The cost is just £50/month or £500 for 12 months. That is amazing value considering the training support and networking you will receive. This is a tiny investment in you, each month, and is your time to start focusing on you again!

Leading Ladies in Your Business

Leading Ladies in Business

We also run our popular Leading Ladies program in enterprises across the UK. You can download our brochure here:

Business values are shifting to embrace all aspects of a more equal and diverse workforce. Solving gender inequality is a key component of this change. Yet, gender diversity is still a challenge at both an organisational and an individual level.  As a result, it can be lonely for women in business, as they progress to more senior positions, where they are still the minority. 

Businesses will suffer if this persists, and they won’t reap the benefits of a more gender diverse workplace. It is business critical to be at the front of the pack. That is why we take the Leading Ladies principles and work with you create a bespoke program to support the female talent in your enterprise, coaching, training, enabling, empowering and supporting them to succeed.

What is Leading Ladies in Business?

A bespoke 12-month programme that delivers at scale.

Demonstrating a genuine investment in your female talent and their futures (suits single or multiple groups of up to 10 individuals).

Working together, we create an amazing support culture and establish a strong network for women entering and progressing through your business.

Our unique strengths-based approach looks at the positives of female power and encourages authentic leadership styles that better serve the business.

We enable your female employees to explore their leadership style in safe and supportive spaces and benefit from the active support and lived experiences of others.

We also run sessions to support your male colleagues, to help them understand the challenges women in business face.

Why Leading Ladies?

Each leading lady programme is designed specifically with your organisation in mind.

Each programme starts with clear objectives for the support and development of individuals.

We recommend an initial benchmark survey or depth interview to gauge progress across a full years activity

At Leading ladies we go above and beyond. We support the whole business to understand the challenges and barriers women in business face today, and how they can better support young women rising through the ranks.

Don’t Forget to follow me for more hints, tips and support to get you moving in the right direction.

Full T&Cs can be found here : https://primepersona.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/

E-mail julie@primepersona.co.uk Hours Monday-Friday 9-9
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