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Take your success to a new level? Join a powerful community of high-calibre lady executives who challenge and inspire each other and share their perspectives to help each other make better decisions, become better leaders and achieve better results.

I am looking for amazing female leaders from all career backgrounds, to collaborate on a monthly basis, to experience what an all female board would be like to work as part of. To support and help each other and receive 121 coaching as part of the package. There will be inspiring speaker, training and self development as well as a forum of senior leaders who are on your side’.

Leading Ladies is a unique program, blending collaboration and peer group support, with one on one coaching and training and workshops, Membership is annual to ensure we have consistency in our groups more information can be found here or by getting in touch

What is Leading Ladies?

Monthly Meet Up

Collaborate and support

Each month we meet up, share ideas and problems in a confidential supportive group of ladies. You get to work through challenges and opportunities with 12-16 high-calibre executives from non-competing organisations. You gain fresh perspective and non judgmental support. Plus we like to have a bit of fun too!

As Leading Ladies you may already have a lot of people offering advice, from your board of directors to partner. Some of you, may have key colleagues, or even a mentor with to troubleshoot with… but very few female leaders have a consistent, structured forum for supportive and unbiased feedback. Very few have a confidential environment to work out concerns and plans, challenges and opportunities. They want guidance they can trust from people they respect.

Coaching One to One

A friendly confidential ear – looking after YOU!

Unique – female focused one to one coaching is offered as part of the package. As a mother of 3, an ex Marketing Director and a Master Coach and MBTI practitioner I am all too aware of the unique challenges Leading Ladies face balancing work and home life.

The sad fact is, that as professional women, we are struggling to navigate our career without making huge sacrifices in our personal lives – Marriages are often strained – The Kids don’t truly get your full attention – Weekdays spent racing from point A to point B with little quality time to speak of and at weekends you just collapse! – Then there is that rapid weight gain as stress piles on the weight and exercise is nonexistent. ‘There’s just no time left for me!!!!! Trapped on a hamster wheel, we can be left feeling unfulfilled at work and unfulfilled at home. Unable to figure it out, burnout sets in and, as women, we are stepping down from major career opportunities in droves, never realising our true potential. This is your time!

Continue your learning journey…

Keeping you up to date and informed

As a leading lady, you’ll gain access to engaging, high-calibre speakers who have real-world expertise on the most essential topics for Leading Ladies today. They’ll spark innovative approaches to optimising your business and activate new ideas for personal development. Delivered through monthly meet ups and workshops and Online there is plenty of flex to support you.

As leaders we so rarely get the ‘practical’ experience and training that can help us keep abreast of developments we need, to enable us to better support and work with our teams. Plus as a group you get to choose what you need to know and we make it happen!

As women, we’ve made some great progress over the last 100 years. We know that having more women in the boardroom drives success. Research shows that companies with gender-balanced teams have higher ROI than those that don’t.

Higher representation brings diversity of thought, action and drives discussions further to achieve higher commercial returns. Ultimately, if women make up a significant proportion of your businesses customer base, surely it makes sense to represent them within your leadership team?

It all starts at the top, that’s why I have developed Leading Ladies from PrimePersona. It gives talented senior women the opportunity to come together, share experiences and support each other. To not walk into a room full of senior men and feel like a target.

So will you join us?

Want to work with us?

E-mail julie@primepersona.co.uk Hours Monday-Friday 9-9
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