Leading Ladies

Create an amazing community of ambitious female leaders, aspirers and corporate game-changers, in your business. Together they can challenge and inspire each other, share their perspectives to help each other make better decisions, and become better leaders achieving better results.

Business values are shifting to embrace all aspects of a more equal and diverse workforce. Solving gender inequality is a key component of this change. Yet, gender diversity is still a challenge at both an organisational and an individual level.  As a result, it can be lonely for women in business, as they progress to more senior positions, where they are still the minority. 

Businesses will suffer if this persists, and they won’t reap the benefits of a more gender-diverse workplace. It is business-critical to be at the front of the pack. That is why we take the Leading Ladies principles and work with you to create a bespoke program to support the female talent in your enterprise, coaching, training, enabling, empowering, and supporting them to succeed.

What is Leading Ladies in Business?

A bespoke 12-month program that delivers at scale.

Demonstrating a genuine investment in your female talent and their futures (suits single or multiple groups of up to 10 individuals).

Working together, we create an amazing support culture and establish a strong network for women entering and progressing through your business.

Our unique strengths-based approach looks at the positives of female power and encourages authentic leadership styles that better serve the business.

We enable your female employees to explore their leadership style in safe and supportive spaces and benefit from the active support and lived experiences of others.

We also run sessions to support your male colleagues, to help them understand the challenges women in business face.

Why Leading Ladies?

Each leading lady program is designed specifically with your organisation in mind.

Each program starts with clear objectives for the support and development of individuals.

We recommend an initial benchmark survey or depth interview to gauge progress across a full years activity

At Leading Ladies we go above and beyond. We support the whole business to understand the challenges and barriers, women in business face today, and how they can better support young women rising through the ranks.

As women, we make bigger strides and move forwards more quickly when we collaborate and work together – something we females excel at! We need talented Leading Ladies and senior women to come together, share experiences, enhance our business expertise, enhance our mindset and support each other. To collaborate and become the role models for ladies everywhere!

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