The PowerPod Self Guided Coaching Program


Do you feel fed up or frustrated with corporate world or your business and unsure what your next move should be?
Are you constantly thinking up reasons why you shouldn’t take that next step and procrastinating like a PRO? Wasting precious time with all the What If?… questions, instead of the Why Not?
Would you like a proven way to create the change you crave and succeed? Be it a well deserved pay rise or promotion or to set up and propel your business forward, and crucially have a plan that doesn’t overwhelm you and keeps you laser focused every day? To find your Power to succeed?
Would you like to be able to do all this, so in just 12 weeks you have planned and kicked off your path to success? Then this is just for you!


This inspirational PowerPod coaching program, helps guide you towards a better understanding of yourself and those around you. It’s a weekly process to create the change you want so you can be a success, personally and professionally.
Together we go on an amazing journey of self discovery, cleaning up your past, building your foundations and creating your action plan to achieve your dreams.

Using my unique AAA proven formula, you will receive exclusive PowerPods to listen to daily to keep you on track. You can be part of the weekly check in online with our other lovely PowerPod ladies so you can support each other and share.

I’m a change agent – an ex corporate girl, with over 30 years of senior sales and marketing leadership experience. I’ve run my own business for over 10 years and I now help women to make that change and succeed.
I am a qualified our servicesMBTI personality practitioner, as well as a Master NLP, Hypnotherapy and TimeLine Therapy Coach.

Find out more about how to work with me here


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